GST Registration No.: 000947191808
Office Address: No. 1, Jalan Utarid U5/14, Mutiara Subang, 41050 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA.
Tel: 603-7845 3533
Fax: 603-7845 3511

Contact & Position: Mr. Andy Tan, Managing Director

Mr. Tan Li Pin, General Manager

Mr. S.K Goh, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager

Products: OCTOCURE / OCTOLITE / OCTOWET / OCTOSPERSE / OCTOWAX / OCTOPOL Composites and Accelerator Dispersions, Surfactants, Antioxidants, Wax Emulsions – Textile Rubber & Chemical, USA & Tiarco Chemical Malaysia;

DIPCAL LQ Calcium Nitrate Liquid 55% – Yara Malaysia;

DIPCAL Calcium Nitrate 78% Granular – Yara Norway;

WEBNIX / FREESIL Silicone Free Dewebbers & Defoamers – Crusader Chemical Co. Inc, USA

COLORTREND / CHROMA-CHEM Colour Pigment Dispersions – Chromaflo Technologies Australia Pty. Ltd;

GELATO Modified Corn Starch – General Starch Limited;

HITENXILE Calcium Carbonate Slurry – Omya Malaysia

Sdn Bhd;

NUOSPERSE / DISPONER / RHEOLATE Surfactants, wetting agents and rheology modifiers – Elementis Specialties, Inc;

OPTAMINT fragrances – Symrise Sdn Bhd;

PROMOL Antitacks and Mould Release – Hans W. Barbe, Germany & Barbe Thailand Ltd;


MIDAS Sulphur powder

Potassium Hydroxide Flake 90%