Office Address: 5008, 1st  Floor, Jalan Lunas, Batu 2.5, 09000 Kulim, Kedah, MALAYSIA.
Tel: 604-495 1619
Fax: 604-495 1697

Contact & Position: Ms. Gowri Ramankrisnin, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator

Mr. G. Surendran, Technical Manager

Products / Services: Packaging solution provider for medical and surgical

disposable manufacturers.

Specializing in complete packing line for Surgical Gloves packaging, as well as thermoformer and four side seals


New Products: (i)  Automatic Glove Placing Machine for Surgical Gloves

(ii) Rotary Four Side Heat Seal Packaging Machine for

Medical Devices

(iii) Oral Strip Converting & Labelling System of

Pharmaceutical Applications