GST Registration No. 000639238144
Office Address: 10 Jalan Wawasan 3 / KU7, Sungai Kapar Indah, 42200 Klang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.
Tel: 603-3291 9388
Fax: 603-3291 6768
Contact & Position: Dr. Chan Kah Khiong,Managing Director

Mr. Hew Seng Yeap, Technical Manager

Ms. Koh Mei Yong, Chief Chemist

Products: Specialty Chemicals and Technical Solutions for Glove Manufacturing and other Latex related industries

Specialty chemicals:

  1. Polymer coatings for Natural & Synthetic Latex
  2. Wet-donning Hydrogel Polymer for Surgical Gloves
  3. Powder-free Coagulant Antitack
  4. Former Cleaning Agents
  5. Biocides
  6. Binder for Addition of Fillers into NR & NBR latex
  7. Specialty Additives for Latex Compounding
  8. Stabilisers for all types of Latex
  9. Corn-starch Slurry Reducing Agent
  10. Wetting Agents, Wet-donning Chemicals, etc.
Technical Consultancy Services: advanced scientific & engineering solutions for glove manufacturers; including line design & modification, quality & quantity improvement, specialty product development, compounding packages for all types of gloves, etc.